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AppleSource Software makes great apps for Mac that let you take care of business. We believe that the Apple platform offers countless benefits to the professional market, but a lack of great business software makes the switch more difficult than it has to be. We are here to solve this problem.

Our Philosophy

Part One: Create Amazing Software.
For a lot of us, computers can be frustrating, and we think this mainly has to do with software. More specifically, poorly written and badly designed software. We aim to change that! Software should be fun, computers should be fun, running software on your computer should be fun.

Great software should Just Work. We define this with the following characteristics:

  1. It should be intuitive.
    Software should not require more than 5 minutes to understand. A manual should be optional. Software shouldn't have features you won't need cluttering things up, and it should have the ones you do need at easy reach.
  2. It should be focused.
    Software should have a narrow focus. It should do what it's supposed to do well while happily working with other software designed for other tasks. Bloatware need not apply.
  3. It should be scalable.
    Software should be remarkably easy to use with a minimal learning curve, and yet still allow you to do more complex things once you are ready to do them. As your business grows and you have more company data, the software should still perform as smoothly as it did on day one.
Part Two: Be An Amazing Company.
When faced with decisions on how to run our business, we always do the things that we ourselves would praise others for, such as:

  1. Providing fast & friendly support. If you have a question, we're here to help!
  2. Providing discounts and freebies to pro-bono, non-profit and educational organizations.
  3. Providing best-of-breed software at great prices.
  4. Passionately loving and believing in everything we do.

Meet the Team

Perry Fjellman Lead Developer, Customer Support Guru

Perry has been an avid Mac fanatic for over 15 years and has been writing code for almost as long. In high school he gave a persuasive speech on why Macs are better than PCs, and has debated the point passionately to anyone who will listen ever since. He has carefully crafted all of the products you see here.

Most of the time, Perry is writing code. This stuff doesn't write itself, you know. He is the lead developer of all of our software products, and because he knows everything inside and out, he also handles most of our customer support. Because of this, it's not uncommon to see new features or bug fixes in a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months.

In his spare time (spare time? what spare time?!) Perry is an accomplished musician. He has recorded hundreds of songs and released 2 albums. Of course, he uses Macs for all of his recording and mastering needs, and as an added bonus his music can be heard in all of the product demonstration and training videos on our website.

Sarah Fjellman Quality Assurance, Pixel Ninja, Customer Support Guru

Sarah has the ability to take software that should Just Work and bring it crashing to its knees. Turning this potential liability into a great asset, she now works with the software through every phase of development. Her incredible ability to find bugs and point out interface/experience improvements is invaluable.

When she's not testing software, she is busy designing new icons and controls that allow us to create intuitive inerfaces for our software. Our resident Photoshop fanatic, if there is something to be designed she is on it. She also loves doing research to make our products ever better, and she shields the company's messy-hair coffee-breath image with her bright smile and exuberant charm.

Off the clock, Sarah is an accomplished artist — drawing, painting, and making pixel art sculptures, and often inspires designs you see in our products from her artwork. She is also an avid gamer, from Atari to XBox.

Ian Darby Data Protection Specialist, Security Consultant

Ian is utterly passionate about customer security and support. He has over 16 years of experience with companies like Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Veritas, Stream, Plexis, and Nike, and has countless certifications.

Our products are the beneficiary of his extremely high standards for best practice security, network scalability, design and integration. His focused drive and direction allows us to create reliable, secure software utilizing the latest and greatest in security and data protection.

His hobbies include constantly researching the latest networking and security technologies, studdying physics and quantum mechanics, and being our resident Early Adopter of all new things tech.

Kris Parker Web Host with the Most

Kris Parker owns and operates Media Hosting, a great web hosting service. He has provided server space and bandwidth for the numerous websites and server projects that we run, he maintains all of the backends for scripting and statistics providing, and if there is ever a problem he gets it fixed in minutes.

In addition to his web hosting services, Kris is an accomplished web designer. He uses Macs to develop corporate websites and large scale databases, and he uses our products daily to manage his businesses, providing us with valuable feedback. He beta tests pre-release versions of our software and comes up with truly great ideas for new features and improvements.

When Kris isn't taming his servers or delighting his clients, he is grateful to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where he hikes, swims, camps, fishes and snowboards. He spends the rest of his time building/working on his beloved Volkswagen A3 VR6. As he always says, "It is true love and pure satisfaction owning a fast German car!"

Contact Us

We are located in Southern Oregon, USA in the Pacific timezone. You may reach us in the following ways:

  1. E-Mail
    support [at] applesource [dot] biz
  2. Phone (not for support use without an active support plan)
  3. Twitter @applesource
  4. Snail Mail
    AppleSource Software
    1999 Woodside Dr.
    Medford, OR