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Your domains. Totally tamed.
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Everything You Need to Take Control of Your Domain

Track logins and passwords with custom labels.

Store email accounts, subdomains, DNS settings, owner info, notes, and more.

Live uptime monitoring instantly lets you know if your sites go down.

Registrar and expiration info is automatically retrieved, and can be added to your Calendar automatically.

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01. Beautiful and Functional

A clean UI makes it easy. Drag and drop organization. Hide inactive domains. Search all of your domain data instantly. Sort your domains however you like.

02. Safe and Secure

Your domain library is secured with industry standard encryption, and your database can be locked with a password.

03. Uptime Scanner

Get instant alerts whenever a server goes down. Don't wait for your visitors to tell you your site is down — know before them!

Loaded with Features

Store Logins

Store and search all of your login information with custom labels and login links to keep everything organized. Your password can be copied to the clipboard for quick access.

Monitor Uptime

The Uptime Scanner can ping all of your servers regularly and let you know immediately if a website is down via notification, email, or text. Even if Master of My Domain isn't open. Be the first to know!

Get Expiration Reminders

Domain expiration dates can be automatically added to your calendar, so you always know when its time to renew. Track domains you don't own as well, and grab them when they become available!

Track All The Things

Master of My Domain keeps track of registrar and expiration info, mail server settings and credentials, all your website logins, subdomains, DNS entries, domain name owners, free-form notes, and more.

Not Just for Domains

Keep track of login information for all of your accounts. Great for using and storing strong passwords.

But wait, there's more!

Registrar and expiration info is retrieved automatically • See full WhoIs reports • Sync your domain library with optional Dropbox integration • Full import and export • Confirm your FTP login credentials with the built-in login tester • Many more delightful little touches.

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