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Easy Time Tracking. One Click Billing. Automatic Payments.

TimeNet Law

01. Pays for Itself, Guaranteed

Access the built-in Smart Timer from anywhere. Automatic time rounding keeps things clean. With time tracking this fun and easy, you'll actually use it. Which means you will make more money.

TimeNet Law will increase your billable hours and substantially decrease the time you spend billing each month. We're so sure you'll love it, we fully gaurantee your satisfaction.

If you don't love it, we'll refund your money. It's as simple as that.

02. Deceptively Powerful

Simple and intuitive. TimeNet Law is designed to keep you focused and get out of your way.

Powerful and flexible. Advanced features are readily available, just neatly tucked away.

Built-in timer makes tracking time easy and accurate. Easy means you'll use it, which means more billable hours captured.

Track billable and non-billable time. See where non-billable time is being spent and make improvements.

03. For Attorneys by Attorneys

TimeNet Law has been developed and refined over a 13 year period of user research, feedback, and testing in a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Hundreds of robust features have been lovingly implemented, ensuring that a wide range of needs are covered.

While we've worked hard to meet the needs of most users, TimeNet Law is always getting better, and we love to get feedback and improve our software.

Getting Paid Just Got Easier

Tracking time & expenses is a snap. One Click Billing and Automatic Bookkeeper automate the tedious task of billing. What used to take hours now takes minutes, so you can get invoices out the door fast.

Time is Money — Make it Count

Make more money by billing for every minute. Start a timer from anywhere. Pause a timer and time can be automatically rounded. Resume a timer and it starts from the actual time, not the rounded time. Walk away from the computer and TimeNet Law offers to deduct your idle time. Simple.

  • Control the timer with the global menubar or Dock icon
  • System-wide keyboard shortcuts
  • Automatic Rounding
  • Idle Time Detection
  • Track billable and non-billable time — both are important!

Turbo Charge Your Firm

Everything you need to manage your clients and matters. Group clients together for organization and reporting, make clients and matters inactive to reduce clutter, and QuickSearch everything to find what you need instantly. Easy.

  • Full case management with matters
  • Payment and retainer audit trails
  • Evergreen retainers
  • Automatic accounting
  • Automatic Conflict of Interest checks
  • No more embarrassing and potentially costly mistakes
  • No more billable time slipping through the cracks

Bill Your Clients With Ease

One Click Billing transforms all of your matters into beautiful, consistent invoices. Set date filters to only invoice work from a specific month, and even filter by timekeeper and slip type.

Put a Billing Hold on clients or matters to exclude them from One Click Billing.

One Click Billing can also create statements for clients showing all outstanding invoices and the balance due, on one clean sheet.

One Click Billing can even apply any funds from client retainers to the balance automatically, showing the payment and remaining balance on the invoice.

The tedious task of billing just got a whole lot easier.

  • One click, instant invoice
  • Automatic Bookkeeper handles retainer payments for you
  • Include clients with no new activity but an outsanding balance
  • Invoices can be automatically emailed to clients

Increase Revenue with Intelligent Analytics

Flexible reports with beautiful graphs let you quickly see vital information about your firm.

  • See which clients owe you money, and which clients are most profitable
  • See all overdue invoices, and take action with one click
  • Compare entry dates vs. billed dates to see turnaround time and always know if something slips through the cracks

The Client Report, Aged A/R Report, and Aged Work in Progress Report make it easy to find the information you need quickly.

  • See which client has the highest and/or oldest unpaid balance
  • See which client has the most write offs or mark downs
  • See which clients you’re most financially invested in
  • See which matters are over budget, or getting close
  • See which billable work has not been billed yet, broken down by age. Always know if billing falls behind

The Timekeeper Report gives you insights into your timekeepers, broken down by client, by matter, and for any date range.

  • Timekeeper billable time, non-billable time, and amounts
  • Timekeeper productivity & revenue
  • Timekeeper origination - know how many clients each timekeeper has brought to your firm

Manage Clients with Flexibility

Different clients have different needs. Set custom billing rates, retainer requirements, tax rules, and currency settings. TimeNet Law handles foreign currencies and numeric formats as well, so you can take your billing international.

  • Import clients from Contacts on your Mac or iPhone
  • Group clients together for easy management
  • Customize billing, retainers, tax, and currency rules
  • Manage unlimited parties associated with each client
  • Conflict of Interest checks are automatically performed

Networking Done Right

Share your data through your office network, or get the benefits of anywhere-access with Dropbox. No extra software to buy, 30 seconds to set up. And you have complete control.

Want cloud convenience? You got it.

TimeNet Law integrates with Dropbox, OneDrive, and many other cloud sync services. Work from home, work from the office, work from anywhere. With anyone. Always synced.

Important Questions to Consider with Cloud Based Software

What if I want/need to work and I don't have internet access?
TimeNet Law lets you work away, even away from the internet.

What if there is a service outage and I need access to my client data now?
With TimeNet Law, your data is always on your hard drive.

What if the company storing my data goes out of business or is otherwise not accessible?
TimeNet Law isn't going anywhere, but even if it did, you own the data and the application forever.

How do I backup my data, and most importantly, will I be able to access it outside of using their website?
You get the idea.

You can track your work without internet access. As soon as you're connected again, everything syncs automatically. Your data is on your drive, is easy to backup and always accessible.

Don't want cloud? No problem.

TimeNet Law also supports sharing data through a local network or shared folder, so you can work in an office without needing to store your data with any third parties. Complete privacy.

Made for Mac

TimeNet Law is an application that lives on your Mac. Because it isn't a web app, you get great functionality like power-user keyboard shortcuts, full access even without an internet connection, and native support for all of the great macOS technologies built-in to your computer. TimeNet Law was designed for your Mac, and it shows.

  • Sync with Contacts & Calendar
  • Automatic backup with Time Machine
  • Control timers from the Dock or menubar

Attorneys Love TimeNet Law


"We find that TimeNet Law has reduced our twice-monthly billing time from several hours to several minutes compared to Amicus, and I think Amicus was already a great improvement over previous applications. TimeNet Law is making us money by improving our efficiency."

Mark W. Breneman — Breneman Law, PLLC

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Packed with Features

Case Management Made for You

Everything you need to maximize your law firm.

Flexible Client Features

Customize billing rates for each timekeeper, set tax and late fee rules, fine-tune invoice layouts, designate retainer rules, and much more. If your client needs it, TimeNet Law does it.

Client & Matter Parties

Store alternate contacts and parties for your all of your clients and matters. Quickly search all contacts to find exactly what you're looking for.

Conflict of Interest Checks

Always know if a new party or client conflicts with any existing parties or clients. If a conflict is found, you'll know instantly. Easily waive a conflict or mark it as a false positive.

Powerful Organization

Organize clients into Categories for billing and reporting. Organize matters into Groups and make one invoice from a group of matters. Organize slips into Topics and have them combined and subtotaled on invoices. Crank up the efficiency.


Quickly find exactly what you need with TimeNet Law's powerful QuickSearch. Search your entire database, or limit your search to a specific scope. Even with a large database, QuickSearch finds what you need fast.

Archive Clients & Matters

Keep things clean by making clients and matters inactive. Inactive items can always be included in reports, or made active again.

Attach Files to Slips

Attach files or folders to specific tasks and TimeNet Law automatically opens them when the timer starts. Catalog all related files under each matter.

Contacts & Calendar Import

Import Contacts from your Mac or iPhone as clients into TimeNet Law. Import calendar events into matters as billable slips. TimeNet Law easily integrates with your Contacts and Calendars.

Unlimited Notes

All clients, matters, tasks, and many other areas allow unlimited free-form notes. Notes can be optionally shown on invoices and reports, or used for internal record keeping.


TimeNet Law's Personal Assistant can remind you of important events. Set a reminder for a specific time, or in a set number of minutes. These Reminders can be shown to networked TimeNet Law users as well.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be created for clients and matters to gather and store important information. Custom fields can also be shown on invoices.

Password Protection

Password protect your full database, or lock individual matters. For even more control, use TimeNet Law's Control Center to create logins for each user and completely control their permissions.

Track Origination

Every client and matter can assign origination to timekeepers. This allows you to easily track origination and revenue allocation for clients brought in by your partners.

Matter Linking

Link two matters together and any changes made to one matter will be automatically carried over to the linked matter. This allows matters to mirror each other for advanced split billing or other unique billing requirements.

Matter Blueprints

Once you create a matter and get it dialed in just right, you may find that you need to create more similar matters. Save any matter as a blueprint, and select the blueprint when making new matters.

A Billing System That Revs Your Revenue

Capture more billable hours and bill with confidence.

Smart Timer

Control your timers from any application. Automatic rounding, idle detection & system-wide keyboard shortcuts boost your productivity. Allow multiple timers to run at once to be sure all of your time is accounted for, even when you're multitasking.


Start timing a new task immediately, without needing to open or create a matter first. Set a glbal keyboard shortcut or use the TimeNet Law icon in the menubar, so you can bring up the QuickTimer from any application.

Flexible Billing

TimeNet Law was built to support the unique and complex billing arrangements required by attorneys. Hourly, flat fee, contingency, split billing, automatic recurring flat fees, multiple matters on one bill, budget tracking, origination, and much more. No matter how you bill, TimeNet Law has you covered.

Lightening Fast Data Entry

Keyboard shortcuts for power users. Date fields let you type things like "today" or "tomorrow". Common date ranges can be set with the click of a button. The Add Slips window lets you quickly enter many slips acrossed multiple clients and matters.

Quick Entry & Auto Complete

Setup a list of common tasks to pick from when creating new entries. TimeNet Law can even remember items as you enter them for quick re-entry. Auto-complete lets you define abbreviations to expand to (for example, type mwc and it auto-completes to Meeting With Client).

Beautiful, Custom Invoices

Customize your invoice logos, letterheads, footers, layout, wording, and much more. Even fine-tune invoices by client, or client category for maximum flexibility. TimeNet Law makes it easy to configure your invoices so they look just right.

One Click Billing

It's billing time! TimeNet Law turns this tedious task into a quick and easy process, so you can get invoices out the door and get paid fast. Control exactly who and what gets billed, and have retainer payments automatically applied in one fell swoop.

Track Time, Fees & Expenses

Seperate hourly fees, flat fees, and expenses on your invoices and reports. Use the SmartTimer to keep track of No Charge time (shown to clients on invoices) and For My Eyes Only (not shown to clients, used for internal time tracking).

Matter Budgets

Set a budget for your matter and always know how close you are to reaching that budget. Reset the budget at any time, and even have TimeNet Law automatically discount anything above budget if you so desire.

Recurring Fees

Give your matter a recurring fee with a custom label and amount. The fee will be automatically included in every new billing cycle for that matter. TimeNet Law makes recurring fee arrangements simple, so you can focus on doing your best work.

Taxes & Late Fees

Track taxes and late fees easily. Setup your rules, and even customize them for each client. Late fees and taxes are automatically calculated and added to invoices and reports, making it incredibly easy to manage.

Discounts & Markdowns

Easily create discounts and markdowns for your clients. Discounts can be flat amounts or percentages, and can be applied to fees, expenses, or both. Markdowns provide even more flexibility by allowing you to give a discount to slips individually.

Your Accounting Powerhouse

Evergreen retainers with automatic payments. Your most reliable bookkeeper.

Client Payment Center

See each client's invoices and full balance. Apply payments, make deposits to retainer accounts, transfer and withdraw funds. The Payment Center makes it quick and easy to manage your client accounting. A complete audit trail of all funds entered and moved ensures peace of mind when your clients have questions.

Evergreen Retainers

Every client and matter can have a trust, escrow, and general retainer account. Funds from retainers can be automatically applied to your invoices with Automatic Bookkeeper. Set a required minimum balance to include replenishment requests on invocies when the retainer gets too low.

Automatic Bookkeeper

Automatic Bookkeeper manages your client's retainer accounts for you based on the rules you setup. Automatic Bookkeeper can apply funds from retainers to invoices, use designated backup funds, require a minimum retainer balance, and send replenishment requests to your clients. All automatically.

Ledgers & Payment History

TimeNet Law carefully handles all of your payments, deposits, transfers and withdrawals. All payment details are recorded with a complete audit trail. Payment histories or full ledgers can be quickly created so you can answer with confidence when your clients or accountant have questions.

Lookup Payments Instantly

Zero in on a specific payment fast. Just enter a client and any relevant payment information and TimeNet Law finds the payment immediately. See the original amount and date of the payment, how it was disbursed, and if any funds remain from the original payment.

Internal Accounting

Keep track of bank accounts and operating accounts, categorize expenses and revenue, and create Ledger Reports. See a graph of all accounts at once, search your transactions, and easily bill transactions to clients. Include client accounts in an internal account for seamless integration.

Profit from the Power of Data

Optimize your operations with advanced data reporting.

Analyze & Upgrade Your Firm

TimeNet Law's reports make it easy to track productivity, profitability, and turn-around times. Spot trends in your clients and income, and make predictions and improvements to ensure your firm is in tip top shape.

Build & Save Report Presets

Customize data shown on reports, the date range, client and category filters, and more. Once you've got a report you like, save it for quick access. Build as many reports as you need and switch between them with ease.

Concise Presentation

Filters let you get a report that's just what you need. Export reports, copy them to a spreadsheet, or create beautiful PDFs that can be sent straight to clients. Color graphs give you a quick visual breakdown of important data.

Turbo Charged Report Engine

Even with large databases and lots of data, TimeNet Law's report engine is fast. Being able to get to the data you need quickly is important. It reduces friction from your daily workflow, and makes your firm look even better to your clients.

Over 20 Powerful Reports

Aged A/R Report, Client Report (Fully Customizable), Timekeeper Report, Month-by-Month Reports, Conflict Report, Parties Report, Parties & Conflicts Report, Retainer Reports with full Ledgers, and many more.

Electronic Billing with LEDES98B

Complete Task Code presets, activity codes, and electronic invoicing.

Create LEDES98B Invoices

If your clients request electronic billing, TimeNet Law can create invoices in LEDES98B format. LEDES98B invoices integrate seamlessly with all third party billing systems.

LEDES Validator

TimeNet Law's LEDES Validator will immediately warn you of potential issues, including forgetting to enter ID numbers or Activity Codes.

UTBMS Task Code Sets

TimeNet Law includes the complete Activity Code set, plus six categories of Task Codes: Bankruptcy, Counseling, Litigation, Patent, Project, and Trademark.

Build the Ultimate Team

Manage your team with confidence with user permissions and full audit trails.

Configure User Permissions

Every user can have a custom set of permissions to control exactly what they can and cannot do. Make clients hidden or read only, disable access to specific reports, and much more. Create and edit user presets, or copy and paste permissions from one user to another for quick configuration.

Full Auditing System

TimeNet Law Control Center keeps a log of all things done in the system: entries created, modified, and deleted. Each change is logged so you can see exactly what was changed, when the change occurred, and who made the change.

Your International Billing Solution

The only Mac legal billing software with international billing support.

Multiple Currency Support

Use any currency and numeric format. Currency formats can be customized per client, so you can see everything in your currency, and bill your clients in theirs.

Flexible Tax Rules

Multiple tax rates with custom labels and rules for compatibility with European and Canadian tax regulations.

Global Compatibility

TimeNet Law adheres to the regional format settings on your computer, so you can use it to acurately caculate billing no matter where you do business.

TimeNet Law Pricing

Pick a package that works for you.


Core Features for Everyone


+ $279 per additional user


  •   Case Management
  •   Track Time & Expenses
  •   One Click Billing
  •   Unlimited Entries
  •   Flexible Invoicing


All the Bells and Whistles
Save $256


+ $279 per additional user


  •   All Complete Features
  • LEDES & Task Codes Module
  •   LEDES98B Invoicing
  •   UTBMS Code Sets
  • Control Center Module
  •   User Permission Control
  •   Audit All Entries & Changes
Apple Pay Accepted  Major Credit Cards Accepted  PayPal Accepted

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase one package and upgrade to another later?
Absolutely. You can add on any modules you need at any time.

Can I get a discount on bulk additional licenses or renewals?
You bet. Discounts are automatically applied when you make your order.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Of course. We offer a 90 day no hassle money back guarantee.

Happy Customers

TimeNet Law is loved by thousands of professionals all over the world. See what just a few of our happy customers have to say.


"We find that Timenet Law has reduced our twice-monthly billing time from several hours to several minutes compared to Amicus, and I think Amicus was already a great improvement over previous applications.

TimeNet Law is making us money by improving our efficiency."

Mark W. Breneman, — Breneman Law, PLLC

"A big selling point for our purchase of TimeNet Law for the Mac was the support available. Perry has been fantastic in helping us get the program up and running in our office, as well as making program changes to accommodate our firm’s specific needs. Being able to get a response in short order is critical for our business. We would recommend this billing software for any law firm."

Joel Silverman — Silverman Law Office

"We currently use TimeNet Law and LOVE it! I especially like the easy (and pretty) interface, the desktop timer, the ability to "no charge" an item (but still have it show on the invoice so clients see the value of what you're giving them), and the ability to have multiple timekeepers at multiple rates.

The developer is extremely responsive and open to suggestions. Great support!"

Kacey Miller — Courtroom Logic Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

What are TimeNet Law's system requirements?

TimeNet Law currently runs on any Mac with OS X 10.4 or later, and is compatible with Sierra.

Do I have to be online to use TimeNet Law?

No. TimeNet Law is an application that lives on your Mac. You can use it with or without internet access. All data is stored locally, unless you sync your database with a cloud service.

How does TimeNet Law's networking work?

TimeNet Law's database can be shared through a file sharing server or a shared folder. For remote access or larger teams, your database can be synced with Dropbox, OneDrive, and many other free cloud syncing services.

TimeNet Law does not need to be installed on a server computer, so there is no server license to buy. Simply tell TimeNet Law to work on a network, select the location for its database, and all copies of TimeNet Law will be automatically synced.

Is TimeNet Law a one-time fee?

Yes, TimeNet Law is a one-time fee! We do not charge monthly fees, and you'll get free updates and priority support for one year. When the year is up, you can renew your license for another year of updates and priority support, or you can continue to use your old version — it's yours to keep forever.

Any modules purchased for your firm only need to be purchased once, and will be available to all copies of TimeNet Law running on your network.