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Case management, billing, and accounting solution for attorneys on Mac
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Easy Time Tracking. One Click Billing. Automatic Payments.

TimeNet Law makes billing simple, so you can get back to work.

A Comprehensive Solution

Tracking time & expenses is easy. One Click Billing and Automatic Bookkeeper features automate the tedious task of billing. What used to take hours now takes minutes, so you can get invoices out the door fast.

"We find that Timenet Law has reduced our twice-monthly billing time from several hours to several minutes compared to Amicus, and I think Amicus was already a great improvement over previous applications. TimeNet Law is making us money by improving our efficiency."

— Mark W. Breneman, Breneman Law, PLLC  

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Core Features

Manage Unlimited Clients & Matters

You can enter as many clients and matters into the system as you need. Even with large databases and over large networks, TimeNet Law is fast and responsive.

Adding a New Client

Adding a Client in TimeNet Law

Unlimited Timekeepers & Billing Rates

Hourly charges are organized by timekeeper, and you can have as many timekeepers in the system as you need.

Each timekeeper can have an unlimited number of billing rates, and each billing rate can have a custom label. It's easy to set the rate on-the-fly when a timekeeper is entering their time as well.

Timekeeper names can be shown or hidden on your invoices, it's your choice. And with the Reporting Module, you can use handy reports to quickly see the productivity and profitability of all your timekeepers.
Timekeeper Billing Rates

Editing a Timekeeper

Track Time, Fees, Expenses & Discounts

TimeNet Law makes it easy to track all of your expenses and time. Apply discounts in dollar amount or percentage amount, and control which slips are affected by the discount.

Adding Slips

Adding Timekeeper, Additional Charge and Discount Slips

Built-In Timer

Menu Bar Timer
Menu Bar Timer Control
TimeNet Law's built-in timer is simple to use and quite intelligent.

Always available. Check your timer, pause it, start it, from any application. Just use the Menu Bar Widget or the Dock icon.

Timers automatically round themselves when paused, but revert right back to actual time when unpaused. Accurate time, nicely rounded, automatic.

Forgot to pause a timer? Timers keep track of idle time and offer to deduct it. The choice is yours.

Non-billable? No problem. Timers can keep track of non-billable time too. Non-billable time is valuable — track it wisely to know where it is spent.


You need to get tasks done quickly. And the secret to generating more billable hours every month is accurate time tracking.

TimeNet Law's QuickTimer makes it easy. From any application, you can create a QuickTimer with your custom keyboard shortcut, or from TimeNet Law's Menu Bar Widget.

A new timer instantly begins tracking your time, and when the task is complete, add it to an existing matter or create a new one with just a click.


Flexible Billing for Attorneys

Hourly Billing

Flat Fee Billing

Contingency Billing

Split Billing between parties

Automatically Recurring Flat Fee Billing

Group Billing (multiple matters on one bill)

Budget Tracking

Track No Charge time (shown to client but not billed)

Track For My Eyes Only time (not shown to client or billed, for internal use)

Track Origination (allocate revenue from clients/matters to specific timekeepers)

And much more — no matter how you bill, TimeNet Law has you covered

One Click Billing

One Click Billing allows you to invoice all work in progress with the click of a button.

Set date filters to only invoice work from a specific month, and even filter by timekeeper and slip type. Put a Billing Hold on clients or matters to automatically exclude them from bulk billing.

One Click Billing can also create statements for each client showing all outstanding invoices and the balance due, on one clean sheet.

One Click Billing can even apply any funds from client retainers to the balance automatically, showing the payment and remaining balance on the invoice. The tedious task of billing just got a whole lot easier.
One Click Billing

Beautiful, Custom Invoices

With the click of a button, turn your matters into beautiful, consistent invoices. Invoices can be printed out, and even automatically e-mailed directly to clients.

TimeNet Law's invoices are highly customizable. Show only the information you want, use your firm's logo, add custom headers and footers (globally or for each client), each matter can have its own custom fields shown on the invoice, add an overdue stamp, adjust for compatibility with your window envelopes, and much more.

Invoice Sample

Conflict of Interest Checks

Each client and matter in TimeNet Law can have a list of neutral, conflicting or associated parties. When adding clients to the system, TimeNet Law always checks to be sure no conflicts exist.

Easily override false positive conflicts by marking them False or Waived, so you'll only be notified when a legitimate conflict occurs.
Conflict of Interest Alert

Password Protection

Lock your entire database with a password, or just protect certain matters with a password.

Foreign Currency Support

Work for clients that use a different currency than you. TimeNet Law will show you everything in your currency, and when it's time to bill, invoices will show their currency, all automatically.


Reminders makes it easy to create a reminder and get right back to work. When the time is right, TimeNet Law will let you know.

Reminders can be created from any application with TimeNet Law's Menu Bar Widget.

You can also use Reminders to send a message to other TimeNet Law users networked in your office.

Contacts & Calendar Integration

Add clients into TimeNet Law from your contacts list. Add events from your calendar to any matter and automatically create billable items. It's a snap to always keep your Mac, TimeNet Law and your iPhone synced.

Fully Networkable

TimeNet Law is an application that lives on your computer. You always have access to it, no matter what. Easily share your database with other users over your office network with a shared folder, or get even more flexibility by storing your data on Dropbox, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, and many other cloud syncing services. Setting TimeNet Law up for network access is very easy, just follow the step by step Network Assistant instructions.

Lightening Fast Data Entry

TimeNet Law is built with efficiency in mind. There are keyboard shortcuts everywhere for power users. Intelligent date fields let you type things like "today", or "tomorrow", and common date ranges can be set with the click of a button.

Quick Entry presets let you create a list of common tasks to quickly select from when creating new entries. Just start typing, and they automatically fill in.

Text Substitutions let you define abbreviations that will auto-complete. For example, you can set "pcw" to auto-complete to "Phone Call With".

Organize by Groups & Topics

Stay organized. TimeNet Law lets your organize clients by categories, matters by groups, and slips by topics. Make one invoice for all matters of a specific group. Organize and subtotal your slips by topics on invoice. Run reports for a specific client category.

Automatic Backup

Data loss is a thing of the past. TimeNet Law backs up your data automatically throughout the day. Backups are stored redundantly on every networked computer. Plus TimeNet Law is fully compatible with Time Machine automated backups, and many other backup services. And if you use Dropbox or another cloud service to store your data, that gives you another layer of backups with version control. Peace of mind is priceless.

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Accounting Module

Apply Payments to Invoices

The Payment Center makes it easy to apply payments to one or multiple invoices, and manage client and matter retainer accounts. One large payment split over multiple invoices? No problem. Collect payments early? Deposit them to a retainer first, and then have payments automatically applied from retainer as you bill. Manually pay off invoices directly, easily pay off oldest invoices first, and much more.

TimeNet Law tracks everything about the payment - type, details, who the payment came from, how it was applied, and more. Payment tracking with clear audit trails is a critical key to running a healthy firm.

Applying Payments

Client- and Matter-Level Retainer Accounts

TimeNet Law gives you three accounts for each client at the client level, and three separate accounts for each matter:

  • Trust Fund Account lets you deposit and apply funds to the client or matter trust fund.
  • Escrow Account lets you deposit and apply funds to the client or matter escrow fund.
  • Unapplied Credits lets you deposit and apply funds to the client or matter general retainer fund.

Ledgers and Payment History

TimeNet Law keeps track of your complete payment history: deposits, withdrawals, transfers, payments to invoices, everything. Include Ledgers on invoices or use multiple reports* for even more detail (* Reporting Module required).

Automatic Bookkeeper

The Automatic Bookkeeper will automatically apply funds from your client's retainer to the balance of an invoice. Automatic Bookkeeper settings are configured globally, but can also be customized for each client. Part of TimeNet Law's great One Click Billing feature, Automatic Bookkeeper can save you hours previously spent billing clients.

Quick Payment Lookup

Enter a check number, a vendor name, transaction number, or any information pertaining to any payment in TimeNet Law and instantly see a concise breakdown of how the money was applied and how much (if any) of the original payment is left on file.

Payment Lookup

Internal Accounting

The Accounting section lets you keep track of bank accounts and operating accounts, categorize expenses and revenue and create Ledger Reports.


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Reporting Module

Analyze & Fine Tune Your Firm

TimeNet Law's reports make it easy to track productivity, profitability, and turn-around times. Spot trends in your clients and income, and make predictions and improvements to ensure your firm is in tip top shape.

Build & Save Report Presets

Customize the columns on your reports, as well as the date, client and category filters. Once you've got a report you like, save it for quick access. Build as many reports as you need and switch between them with ease.

Over 20 Powerful Reports, Including:

  • Statement of Account Report
  • Reports
  • Aged A/R Report
  • Aged WIP Report
  • Aged Work in Progress Report
  • Client Report (Fully Customizable)
  • Timekeeper Report
  • Month-by-Month Reports
  • Revenue Allocation/Origination Report
  • Credit Report
  • Ledger History Report
  • Retainer Funds In & Out Report
  • Parties Report
  • Net Investment Report
  • Slip Analysis Report
  • Billed Fees & Disb Report
  • Unbilled Fees & Disb Report
  • Invoice Summary Report
  • Parties & Conflicts Report
  • Trust Funds Report with full Ledger
  • Escrow Funds Report with full Ledger
  • Unapplied Credits Report with full Ledger

Date, Client, Matter and Group filters let you get exactly the information you need.

Export reports, or copy-paste them to a spreadsheet, or generate beautiful PDFs that can be sent straight to clients.

Use Groups to sort and subtotal Matters on reports.

Color graphs for visual breakdowns of report data.

Turbo Charged Report Engine

Even with large databases and lots of data, TimeNet Law's report engine is fast. Being able to get to the data you need quickly is important. It reduces friction from your daily workflow, and makes your firm look even better to your clients.

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Control Center Module

Full User Permission Settings

TimeNet Law Control Center allows you to give each user within TimeNet Law their own password and permission settings. You can create and edit presets to quickly set many users to a permission set. Even copy and paste one user to another for faster configuration.

Control Center User Permissions
Each user has client-level permissions. You can set any client in the system to No Access (that client will be completely invisible to that user) or Read Only (matters can be opened but not saved).

Each user also has report-level permissions. Lock a user out of all reports, only allow access to specific reports, and lock access to the date range function.

Full Auditing System

TimeNet Law Control Center keeps a log of all things done in the system: items created, items modified, items deleted. Each time a change is made, the change is logged. You can see exactly what was created/deleted/changed, when the change occurred, and who made the change.

Control Center Auditing

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Task Code Module

Billing in Standardized Format

Task Code billing allows you to select your tasks and expenses from pre-defined lists, using the Uniform Task Based Management System (UTBMS). This reduces user input error and allows for compatibility with Electronic Billing services.

LEDES98B Invoice Generation

Generate invoices in LEDES98B format with one click. TimeNet Law's LEDES Validator will immediately warn you of potential issues:

TimeNet Law's LEDES Validator

Task Code Categories

The Task Code Module includes the complete Activity Code set, plus six categories of Task Codes:

  • Bankruptcy Task Codes
  • Counseling Task Codes
  • Litigation Task Codes
  • Patent Task Codes
  • Project Task Codes
  • TradeMark Task Codes

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Benefits of Using TimeNet Law