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Benefits of using TimeNet

TimeNet will pay for itself many times over.

We're so sure you'll love it, we fully guarantee your satisfaction. If TimeNet doesn't increase your billable hours and improve your productivty, we'll refund your money. It's as simple as that.

Power without the learning curve.

  • Simple and intuitive. TimeNet is designed to keep you focused and get out of your way.
  • Powerful and flexible. Advanced features are readily available, just neatly tucked away.
  • Built-in timer makes tracking time easy and accurate.
  • Track billable and non-billable time. See how much time is being spent that isn't being billed.

Cloud Convenience

Convenience of cloud, without the risks. (Fully optional)

With TimeNet, your data is always on your hard drive. Syncing your TimeNet database with Dropbox gives you all of the convenience of cloud-based systems, but with none of the risks.

Work from home, work from the office, work from anywhere. Always synced.

Completely live networking, even across multiple countries.

Your data is yours. It's always on your hard drive.

The convenience of cloud is clear. However, there are important questions to ask before adopting a fully "In-The-Cloud" system. For example:

  • What if I want/need to work and I don't have internet access?
  • What if there is a service outage and I need access to my client data now?
  • What if the company storing my data goes out of business or is otherwise no longer accessible?
  • How do I backup my data, and most importantly, will I be able to access it outside of using their website?

TimeNet makes the choice easy. By leveraging Dropbox, your business can be fully networked and completely synced through the cloud. You can track your work without internet access. As soon as you're connected again, everything syncs automatically. Your data is on your drive, is easy to backup and always accessible.

Optimize your business.

Use TimeNet's reports to quickly see vital information about your business.

  • See which clients owe you money, and which clients are your most profitable.
  • See which categories bring in the most money. Track trends to increase the efficiency of your business.
  • Track where your employees are spending their time, and see which employees are most profitable.
  • See all overdue invoices, and take action.

Keep your clients happy.

When a client calls to request information, you need answers for them immediately.

  • Create reports and perform searches quickly, even with huge amounts of data.
  • Filter and customize report results and generate beautiful PDFs or export the results into a spreadsheet for further fine tuning.

Instantly create clean, consistent, and accurate invoices and reports.

  • Simply input your time and go.
  • When payments come in, record them into TimeNet.
  • TimeNet keeps track of everything accurately.
  • No more embarrassing and potentially costly mistakes. No more billable time slipping through the cracks.