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Frequently Asked Questions

What are TimeNet's system requirements?

TimeNet currently runs on any Mac with OS X 10.7 or later, and is fully compatible with Sierra. TimeNet 3 is still available for older systems, and runs on OS X 10.4 or later.

Do I access TimeNet through a website?

No. TimeNet is an application that lives on your Mac. You can use it with or without internet access. All data is stored locally, unless you sync your database with a cloud service.

How does TimeNet's networking work?

TimeNet's database can be shared through a file sharing server or a shared folder. For remote access or larger teams, your database can be synced with Dropbox, OneDrive, and many other free cloud syncing services.

TimeNet does not need to be installed on a server computer, so there is no server license to buy. Simply tell TimeNet to work on a network, select the location for its database, and all copies of TimeNet will be automatically synced.

Is TimeNet a one-time fee?

Yes, TimeNet is a one-time fee! We do not charge monthly, and you'll get free updates for any point release. When major updates are released (for example from 4.0 to 5.0), we may charge a small fee to upgrade, but you can continue to use your old version — it's yours to keep forever.

Does TimeNet have a built-in backup feature?

Yes, TimeNet automatically backs up its database routinely. TimeNet backups are time and date stamped and stored locally on your computer. If you are running TimeNet in a networked environment, each computer running TimeNet will save its own redundant backups.

What other backup systems is TimeNet compatible with?

TimeNet is compatible with Time Machine, and most other 3rd party automatic backup solutions. Below is a list of backup programs with known issues:

  • Carbonite
  • Intego Backup and Intego Virus Barrier
  • Crash Plan

Can I control how my invoices look?

Yes, TimeNet uses a completely customizable invoice template system. You can edit any existing template, or create your own from scratch.

Does TimeNet have spell checking built in?

Yes, TimeNet has full spell checking built in — any fields where data can be entered will show misspelled words by highlighting them in red.

Can I import my data from my previous billing software into TimeNet?

TimeNet cannot directly read the databases of other billing software, but if your old billing program has an option to export its data (into text, csv, excel, etc.) then we can most likely import it into TimeNet. There is a small fee for the import, and it can vary depending on how much data needs to be imported.

Can I bill my clients for flat fees?

Yes, TimeNet allows you to set any task to an hourly rate, or a flat fee rate.

Is there an iPhone or iPad version of TimeNet?

Not yet. A TimeNet mobile app for both iPhone and iPad is in development.

Can I use TimeNet for scheduling?

TimeNet does not have a scheduling feature. It does, however, integrate with Apple's Calendar app, allowing you to schedule meetings and other events for users through your shared calendars, and then import events and tasks from the calendar instantly into TimeNet to bill the client for them.

Can TimeNet integrate with QuickBooks?

TimeNet does not currently have direct integration with QuickBooks, however any TimeNet report can be easily imported into QuickBooks.

Can TimeNet export my data to a spreadsheet?

Yes, TimeNet can export any single project, a single client (all projects), or your entire database (all clients & projects) to a spreadsheet file.

Does TimeNet support multiple currencies?

Yes, TimeNet supports many currencies. Clients can have different currency settings and rules for international billing.

What about multiple taxe rates and other requirements outside of the US?

Yep, TimeNet can do that too. Full support for international currencies, number formats, tax rules, and even automatic currency conversions. Take your business worlwide!

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