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Invoice Template Library

TimeNet comes equipped with over 20 beautiful invoice templates. Templates are simply rich text files, so they are fully customizable. Modify any existing template, or create your own from scratch. The choice is yours!

  • Cardinal 2016 Invoice Template

  • Mantis 2016 Invoice Template

  • Orchid 2016 Invoice Template

  • Papaya 2016 Invoice Template

  • Picton 2016 Invoice Template

  • Appaloosa Invoice Template

  • Blue Blocks Invoice Template

  • Green Blocks Invoice Template

  • Orange Blocks Invoice Template

  • Purple Blocks Invoice Template

  • Coversheet Invoice Template

  • DesignWise Invoice Template

  • Elegant Invoice Template

  • Full Info Invoice Template

  • Minmal Info Invoice Template

  • Modern Invoice Template

  • Modern Holiday Invoice Template

  • Professional Invoice Template

  • Professional with Dates Invoice Template

  • Simple Invoice Template

Installing Templates

Templates are stored in ~/Library/Preferences/TimeNet Data/Invoice Templates

  • You can install a template by copying the .rtfd file or folder containing HTML files in this folder.
  • Or you can drag the .rtfd/html template into the list of templates in TimeNet Preferences > Invoices

Editing Templates

TimeNet's invoice templates are completely customizable. You may design your templates in two formats.

  • Rich Text Format (.rtfd, use TextEdit, Pages, etc)
  • HTML (.html, use any text editor, add graphics, css, etc)

The easiest way to get started is to open a copy of an existing template and begin tweaking it. When working with invoice templates, TimeNet lets you dynamically insert all of the information that you may wish to show on your invoices using tags.

Rich Text Format

Using Apple's TextEdit you can create visually rich invoice templates with graphics, tables, borders, backgrounds and more in Rich Text Format. Consult the help provided with TextEdit for more information on page layout techniques.

HTML Format

When using HTML for your invoice templates, you must enter the tags using the HTML character codes for < and >. The open tag code is &lt; and the close tag code is &gt; so a tag would look like this: &lt;client-name&gt;

Invoice Template Tags

When designing templates, you use tags to tell TimeNet what to insert.

Some Invoice Template Tags (More Available)

TagWhat it Inserts
<my-name>Your Company Name
<my-address>Your Company Address Line 1
<my-address2>Your Company Address Line 2
<my-city>Your Company Address City
<my-state>Your Company Address State
<my-zip>Your Company Address Zip
<my-phone>Your Company Phone Number
<my-email>Your Company E-Mail Address
<my-mobile>Your Company Mobile Number
<my-site>Your Company Website
<invoice-num>Invoice Number
<project-name>Project Name
<markup-rate>Overdue Markup Rate
<purchase-order>Project Purchase Order
<client-name>Client's Name
<client-address>Client's Address Line 1
<client-address2>Client's Address Line 2
<client-city>Client's Address City
<client-state>Client's Address State
<client-zip>Client's Address Zip
<client-phone>Client's Phone Number
<client-email>Client's E-Mail Address
<client-taxrate>Client's Custom Tax Rate
<client-taxtotal>Client's Custom Tax Total
<due-in>Days Before Invoice is Overdue
<invoice-total>Total Amount not including taxes, late fees and payments
<invoice-balance>Amount Due (including taxes, late fees and payments)
<ex-total>Total of Expenses
<discount-total>Discount Total