TimeNet Law Academy

TimeNet Law Academy

Get the most out of TimeNet Law!

We've created a series of videos broken into three categories to help you get the most out of TimeNet Law. Brush up on your skills, or learn something new. You'll be a TimeNet Law master in no time!

More videos will be coming soon!

The Basics

First Run

Learn about running TimeNet Law for the first time and configuring basic settings.

Create a Client

Learn about creating and working with clients.

Create a Matter

Learn about creating and working with matters.

Billing Rates & Tracking Time

Learn about setting billing rates and tracking time.


Learn about different slip types and settings.

Customizing Invoice Headers & Footers

Learn about using headers and footers, and how to customize headers and footers for different clients.

Matter Settings

Learn about options found in Matter Settings and menus, including budgets, recurring fees, contingency billing, slip topics, split billing, and more.

Tracking Expenses

Learn about creating expense items.

Quickly Adding Slips

Learn how to quickly add slips using Add Slips and QuickTimer.

Checking for Conflicts

Learn how to add parties to your clients and matters and avoid conflicts of interest.

Automatically Emailing Invoices to Clients

Learn how to have invoices automatically emailed to clients.


Timekeeper Revenue Allocation

Learn how to allocate revenue from clients and matters to specific timekeepers.